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The most comprehensive freight transport software on the market


ACF INNOVE Leaders in training, logistics and industrial machinery

Since we started out more than 40 years ago, we have become a leading company in logistics and warehousing lines. We are also specialists in training professional drivers, covering every area of learning across different branches of activity.

Our firm is constantly innovating and developing which allows us to enhance our services. We also place value on the need to apply technology to our business processes and diversify our activities. We are currently a national leader in a very specific niche of the sector: cargo stowage under Standard EN 12195.


We provide ongoing, comprehensive and competent training tailored to current needs on the job market.


We prepare you for an official certificate of professionalism in Logistics and Warehousing, at different levels and with different certifications, for example, ‘Auxiliary warehousing activities’ (level 1), ‘Warehouse organisation and management’ and ‘Transport organisation and distribution’, among others.

We offer qualified training approved by bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce and Itainnova in cargo stowage under Standard EN 12195



We offer theory and practical-based courses for experienced and non-experienced professionals in handling industrial machinery, including loaders, tower cranes and backhoes, to name a few. We use a mobile crane virtual simulator and connect to different parts of the country via video conference.



As well as C and D licences, we prepare professional drivers for their CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude), which is compulsory for anyone who wants to join or continue in the domestic or international freight or passenger transport profession. Professional driver training does not end there though: our school also offers eco-driving courses for companies, ‘lorry loading’ with real-life and ongoing practical sessions and specialist stowage or driving training in extreme situations.


Premium audio-visual content to reinforce the training

To consolidate the training processes, we use a wide range of content in different formats and premium audio-visual resources to give the user interactive and real-life learning experiences. We also use activities based on applying knowledge and problem-solving: concept maps, glossaries and learning strategies in different formats. The result is first-class training content.



An end-to-end and advanced support platform

Our services range from comprehensive management of the training process to specific solutions for any management, development and ongoing training need for companies and professionals. We are aware that every organisation has its own specific needs, which is why we conduct an analysis of each area, team and department to identify training needs and implement training activities accordingly.


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