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The Management at ACF believe that quality, environmental protection and welfare of the organisation’s members should be the key factors of any decision and initiative that our organisation undertakes.

The company has evolved continuously and has focused on growth, change and innovation.

This poses new challenges:
• Adapting to varying scenarios and contexts within the sector in which ACF operates, with our sights set on being leaders in training, logistics and industrial machinery.
• Commitment to complying with new needs in the sector, with increasingly stringent and cutting-edge requirements but without detriment to traditional clients.
• Compliance with legal requirements established by the administration and society in general, whose core values are environmental protection and life-cycle sustainability.
All of the above calls for an integrated management system that can be used as a frame of reference to achieve objectives and goals that are coherent with our activities now and in the future. If we want to comply with legislation and ensure that the organisation and its management continue to improve, we need to plan and implement measures in keeping with the ever-changing landscape within the sector.
Our aim is to raise the satisfaction of all of the parties involved: clients, suppliers, employees and context. This is based around our belief that people are our main asset. Consequently, worker development and training are boosted, which encourages participation and communication across all levels of the organisation.
Our general objectives are:
• Increase stakeholder satisfaction and trust.
• Consolidate our brands to become leaders in the sector by delivering the highest standards and using the latest technologies.
• Continue to progressively improve the training and work conditions of employees.
• Raise awareness about the need for safe and efficient driving.
• Stay committed to positive interaction with our physical and social environment through actions focused on minimising environmental impacts, preventing pollution and implementing corporate social responsibility programmes (RSA).

We are sure that these objectives can be achieved if everyone becomes committed. ACF will therefore distribute this document to all of its employees, partners and other interested parties.

Huesca, May 2019

The Management

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